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New Released

AI Module for Auto switch

CMNB03_03 Auto switch


  • Small in size: 48×25mm, easy to install
  • Built in relay to control external power circuit up to 125VA
  • Off time selectable from 2 min to 15min
  • Sensitivity selectable
  • Terminal block for easy wiring
  • 12V operation
  • Power polarity protection

Application Example

Auto off light switch: when there is no people inside the monitoring area, turn off light automatically. Same theory to turn off any other electrical applicant, like ceiling fan, aircondition, air purifier and etc.


CMNB03_01 Face Detect


  • Voice recording upto 30 sec
  • Message playback when face detect
  • Built-in digital mic audio amplfier
  • Optional signal output when face detected
  • Small in size, easy to install
  • Battery operation or DC5V
  • Good for interactive toy, gadgets
  • Perfect for product promotion and advertisement

Application Example

Product promotion: place this device at the same level of person. when people come, stop by the stand and watch the product, it will deliver the pre-recorded message to attract people's attention.

CMNB03_02 - Motion Direction Detect


  • 2 messages recording upto 10 sec each
  • Message playback when movement detect
  • message A for movement from left to right
  • message B for movement from right to left
  • message can be swapped by slide switch setting
  • Built-in digital mic audio amplfier
  • Small in size, easy to install
  • Battery operation or DC5V
  • Good for interactive toy, gadgets
  • Perfect for smart audio player of movement detect

Application Example

Smart audio player: place this device at the entrance of shops. when people come, it delivers message of "Welcome to our shop"; when people leave the shop, it will deliver message "Thank you for coming". User can record his own message for entering or leaving.

Other related AI module

We have a series of AI module which serve for different application. It is based on the all in one AI chip, NB1001, which has integrated image sensor as well as a powerful MCU for sophistical processing on images feature abstraction. Customization of modules and application is our strength.

Camera and backend module for medical solution


micro camera module with wafer lens
  • 200x200pixel
  • FOV120 deg
  • 0.7*0.7mm camera tip


micro camera module with metal tip
  • 400x400pixel
  • FOV120 deg
  • 1.52mm camera tip


micro camera module with LED
  • 400x400pixel
  • FOV120 deg
  • super bright LED
  • 2.0mm camera tip


HD camera module with LED
  • 3.8mm OD camera tip
  • 1280*720pixel
  • FOV120 deg
  • working distance 5-10mm
  • 3.8mm OD camera tip


USB UVC Module for muC108
  • USB type C connector
  • on board snap/Rec button
  • 400x400 JPG output
  • no driver for PC
  • built in LED driver control


HDMI output
  • connect to HDMI monitor
  • real time display
  • 1080p/60frame output
  • image capture
  • options for muC103T/mCam703


USB module for mCam703
  • USB UVC no PC driver is needed
  • use any PC camera viewer for preview
  • manual color calibration
  • standby mode when idle
  • LED to indicate operation status